Girls and Social Media

Considering how quickly technology and social media are changing these days, it’s easy for a mother to feel out of the loop. It may seem like middle- and high-school age girls spend most of their time texting [...]

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Depression and Girls

Happy May! May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Building awareness around mental health disorders is extremely important so that you can recognize when it is time to seek help from a mental health professional, whether it be [...]

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Self-Injury & Shame

(Photocredit: Chronicle Live) Before I get into the topic of self-injury, I want to state that this blog is based on current research and my experiences of working with teens who self-injure. This blog does not replace [...]

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Technology & Teens

Image Credit: CREATISTA/ Shutterstock  Many of us received tech gifts for the holiday season and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of my go to tips and resources around this issue.  Since [...]

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