Shayna Feldman Barksdale


Creator and Owner of Austin Therapy for Girls and Pink Chaos
80s music lover, horror film aficionado, and obsessed with the color pink

I’ve been in the social work game since my early twenties, fresh out of Our Lady of the Lake’s Worden School of Social Work with a master’s degree under my belt. While I’ve racked up quite a few credentials – LCSW-S, CDWF Consultant (aka Brené Brown’s Shame Resilience), EMDR trained, EFFT certified, and more – my proudest accomplishment is my 30+ years of experience watching young women, teens, tweens, and caregivers grow and blossom. Seeing someone take control of their mental health and own their power is the ultimate reward.

My journey began with foster care kids, and from there, I worked at community mental health centers with a team of psychiatric nurses and doctors. I went on to become a program director and worked with AISD and Eanes ISD on federal substance-abuse prevention grants and writing grants for mental health services. However, I realized I was missing the direct work with families, so I launched Austin Therapy for Girls (ATFG) in 2012. We’re all about making therapy cool and our team has been known to quote Mean Girls, sing Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” and use your favorite song lyrics to help you navigate life’s tough moments. Our focus is on helping girls and young women build invaluable tools to get through the toughest years, while feeling truly heard and supported.

Work is awesome, but nothing beats chillin’ with my furry BFFs, Ella and Bagel. They’re my faithful companions who love to wag their tails and give slobbery kisses to everyone who walks into our office. Oh, and did I mention my office has a disco ball? It’s a symbol of my motto: life is both light and dark, and therapy should embrace that. Plus, there’s a glittery Madonna poster and a pink couch that screams self-love. Come hang with me, and we’ll navigate this crazy ride together.

The butterfly does not look back upon its caterpillar self, either fondly or wistfully; it simply flies on.

Guillermo del Toro


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