We’re excited to announce Courage Camp 2022!

Topics include tools for calming down during stressful times, friendship skills, and more!

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Summer Pop-in Workshops!

Topics include calming your brain watercolors, everything puberty, creating vision boards and creative yoga flow!

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Therapy Groups Based on Brené Brown’s Research and Curriculum

We feel group therapy is the key to helping girls at every age whether they are having friendship struggles at the elementary school level to transitioning to adulthood in their early 20’s. Anxiety, depression and overall self-worth are the focus of our groups. Our experience has found that participating in groups at ATFG has a significant impact on the issues girls face at any age. Due to the popularity of our groups, we will only accept current client’s into the group. Groups are in person with masks required.

The BOLD curriculum is a courage building curriculum specifically designed for mature adolescents and young adults, based on the research and books of Brené Brown. Shayna Barksdale, LCSW, CDWF-Consultant facilitated the creation of this new curriculum and is the primary provider in Austin, Texas.

9th/10th grade group starting MLK day January 17 2022 (8 weeks)

Monday the 17th ( school holiday) at 4:30 first session, remaining sessions every Sunday at 2:30 through March 6th 2022.

11th-12th High School Group (8 weeks)

Monday the 17th ( school holiday) at 5:45 first session, remaining sessions every Sunday at 3:45 through March 6th 2022.

Please submit new submission to be on the waiting list HERE for current clients only.

Finding Your Brave: Art Journaling for Elementary, Middle and High School Grade

Join ATFG for a 8 week art journaling group based on the research and curriculum by Dr. Brené Brown. One of our most popular groups, space limited to only 6 participants. Mask required for participation, no art skills needed. The group will use creative projects to explore such topics as:

  • Developing self-compassion
  • Letting go of anxiety
  • Awareness of unhealthy ways of coping with feeling
  • Learning relaxation and mindfulness tools
  • Practicing friendships skills
  • Shame Resilience ( the work of Brené Brown)
  • Transition skills for a successful middle or high school experience

4th/5th grade group starting Wednesday January 12th-March 2nd from 5:00-6:15

8th grade group starting Monday October 25th from 5pm-6:15pm

Group Info and Pricing

Our groups are closed groups which means after the first two weeks we do not allow new members into the group. This often helps to keep confidentiality and create the connection to motivate change.

Most groups are 8-10 weeks for maximum results and often clients will request for group to continue after ending.

Group rate is $100 a session for a total of $800 for an 8 session group ( credit card/check can be paid full amount or divided into 2 payments of $400) Due to Covid-19 supplies participants will be limited to 6-8 in a group.

Specialty Groups

Grief/Loss group

For girls who have had a significant loss in their lives.

Changing Families

For girls who have parents going through separation/divorce.

Dealing with Physical Illness

New group forming in March 2019 for those suffering from physical/chronic illness.

Please call or email ATFG to reserve your spot today, we add new groups frequently based on need.

This list is updated weekly. If you do not see openings for your current group call 512-981-5279 or e-mail us to get on a waiting list.