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Austin Therapy for Girls provides the best therapeutic services for girls, young women and their families. Whether you or your daughter is struggling with perfectionism, social anxiety, friendships or severe anxiety and depression, we are here to help. You or your daughter will learn new ways to cope and feel empowered to change.

We are currently enrolling for our Summer High School groups based on the research and concepts by Dr. Brené Brown adapted for the teen population by Shayna Barksdale. LCSW.  Courage Camp  for both 4th/5th graders and 6th/7th graders will be in August 2018.

Check out our groups page for more information. Click here to contact us online or call (512) 981-5279 to get started today.

Kelly Coulter, LPC, NCC

Amy Ashorn, LCSW

The ATFG team shares the goal of creating a safe environment for girls and young women to feel acceptance and learn how to appreciate themselves through life’s most challenging years. We also like to have fun, laugh, and remind ourselves and our clients to enjoy life.

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