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We hear you, see you, meet you where you’re at, and we get to know your life. Whether you’re struggling, or simply learning who you are, Austin Therapy for Girls is a team of caring professionals here to help you love and accept yourself – with empowering tools for life.

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“Growing up in a girl’s world can be chaos. School, parents, relationships, friends, anxiety, pressures, self-doubt, sadness, all the ups & downs – there’s nothing wrong with you or what you’re feeling. We’re here to help.”


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Awesome Insights from Radiant G Conference’s Mother-Daughter Talks

Woohoo! Just got back from the GENAustin Radiant G Conference and let me tell you, it was one for the books! As a proud owner of Austin Therapy for Girls, this event is always a highlight for me. It's the perfect chance to mingle with amazing ATX moms, dads, social workers, and all-round caregivers. Raising a girl can be like a ride on the wildest rollercoaster, am I right?

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