Summer Fun with Your Daughter

School is out and this is the perfect time to spend special time with your daughter. During my parent coaching we often talk about the importance of connection before correction and special time is a perfect way to connect. In the summer spending special time with your daughter provides the opportunity to create trust and closeness and to build a special relationship where you convey the message of love. Brainstorm a list of ideas with your daughter of things she would like to do with you in the summer. This list should include activities with each parent and with both parents. Record the ideas, determine which activities work for both of you and determine when you will do the activity. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Water activities-tubing, SUP, swimming, go to Barton Springs, kayaking
  • Volunteer with Keep Austin Beautiful for a cleanup day
  • Take a class together, Zumba, Yoga and Stretching class are great choices
  • Read the same book and discuss it
  • Plan a family dinner together and ask her to help you cook. Let her pick something special that she likes
  • Ask your daughter to show you how to do something that you normally wouldn’t do
  • Take a tour of Community First together
  • Do a creative project of her choice
  • Meditate with Insight Timer
  • Make a Glitter Jar for stress relief
  • Plan a movie night

Austin Monthly also has some great suggestions of 101 Fun Things to do this Summer!
I would like to know what your tried and ideas you have about spending special time with your daughter.  Email me at
Happy summer,
Parent Coach, Austin Therapy for Girls

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