At ATFG, we want you to believe you are worthy of more calm, love, confidence and happiness.

Are we a fit for you?

Our speciality is working with girls and young women and the people who love and support them. We also like to say we are cheerleaders for moms and give them the tools to navigate the sometimes stormy waters of the mother/daughter relationship.

The best fit for our services is someone who is motivated to identify what is getting in their way of living their best life.

Someone who can take what they learn in sessions and apply it to their everyday situations. We start where you want to start and set goals based on your needs and goals for treatment. We want to partner with you around accomplishing your goals and dreams, in other words, we have your back. Depending on your goals, we can work together for years providing a safe environment to explore your emotions and learn valuable tools or just a short time to meet a specific need.

We believe there is nothing wrong with you, all humans ( and dogs too) have the ability to resolve shame and trauma and can recover from mental illness and we teach you not to listen to the shame gremlin that tells you you are not enough.

Here are the services we provide:

Individual Therapy

All therapists use a CBT approach to individual therapy. Each therapist has additional modalities that we teach both clients and their caregivers. We also believe in using creative techniques to help alleviate the anxiety of always having to speak in therapy. Individual therapy is tailored to you and or your daughter’s needs and specific goals.

Family Therapy

All ATFG therapists are trained in Emotion Focused Family Therapy ( EFFT) along with other such modalities such as Positive Discipline, Dan Siegel’s Whole Brain Child concepts as well.

Group therapy

Shayna Barksdale, LCSW-S, CDWF and her team have developed specific groups using the work, curriculums and research of Brené Brown.

The first step is to call 512-981-5279 and set up an assessment to see if we are a fit for you or the girl and young women in your life.  Brook, our admin, will be happy to answer any questions.