Austin Parent Education ProgramCalming The Chaos: For Girls and Their Family

Do you want to be a more effective parent?

Calming the Chaos (CC) is a one-on-one education program that cultivates skills to assist parents in navigating their relationship with their daughter in a healthy, respectful manner. It is based on the principals of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson, brain development, mindfulness, and self-regulation. Rather than focusing on just one method for parent education, Calming the Chaos integrates strategies from several disciplines to provide comprehensive parent education.

Calming the Chaos is designed for parents of girls who:
  • Want to improve communication
  • Are experiencing behavior or personality changes that concern them
  • Realize what they are doing isn’t working but don’t know options
  • Want to develop skills to have a calm, respectful household
  • Struggle with controlling rather than helping their daughter learn self-control
CC was created to assist parents in:
  • Understanding the role of brain development
  • Understanding resiliency, what it is and how to promote it
  • Recognizing the first signs of being agitated
  • Learning the importance of calming practices
  • Learning how to integrate the skills of CC in your life

Calming the Chaos is not designed to supplant therapy, but provides research-based strategies for parents to assist them in experiencing effectiveness with their daughters by learning the the four P’s: Present – Process – Plan – Practice

CC was developed and is facilitated by Kappie Bliss, M.Ed, retired LPC, parent coach and educator. Calming the Chaos is an exclusive program of Austin Therapy for Girls.

Services are offered in a package of four 50-minute sessions plus a 30 minute follow up phone call after the fourth session for $300. When additional 50-minute sessions are needed they may be scheduled for $75 per session. Half the fee is due at the time of the first session and the other half due at the time of the third session.