Bonjour 2024, Au Revoir 2023


Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey

As we bid farewell to 2023 and say hello to 2024, it’s important to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. Perhaps 2023 was a year of challenges and difficulties for you, but remember that every obstacle is an opportunity to learn and grow. One of our favorite quotes here is “ Grow through what you Go through”. For some us, we are just surviving the holidays and putting one step in front of the other and that’s 100 percent ok. Please give yourself permission to do “holidaying” in whatever way feels healthy.

We have a free Year in Review worksheet you can download HERE to help with this reflection and intention-setting process. On this worksheet you’ll find a prompt to write down the things you loved about this year.


Before you set a vision and intention for what’s ahead it’s important to first reflect on where you’ve been. Take a look at 2023 – highlight a few of your favorite moments from your social media, or sit down as a family to go through photos from the past year – moments of connection that maybe you forgot. Like the spotify wrapped, it’s a time of reflection on the past year. Then as we do here at Austin Therapy for Girls, take time to review some difficult moments after the last year. This kind of reflection is not only a way to honor the pain, the growth, and let go, but also to make room for what you want to bring into 2024.

For many of my clients – girls,  teens, young women and the people that love and support them – the hardest thing in 2023 was making the transition to college, adulting etc. Transitions can be so challenging because we go from know to unknown. Especially going from high school to college, lots of changes and a time when a lot of shame gremlins come out.  If you are listening to that shame gremlin about your body, please check out of last December blog on respecting your body. Or if your a T. Swift super fan , give yourself the gift of reading her take on body positivity. 

Setting Intentions and Goals for 2024 with a Focus on Feelings

It’s that time of the year again – reflecting on the past and setting intentions for the future. When it comes to goal-setting, try starting with how you want to feel rather than specific actions. For instance, rather than setting a goal to work out five times a week, create a goal to feel strong and healthy. This approach will help you to establish small, specific steps that align with your desired feelings.

Expanding on the example of wanting to feel strong and healthy, your small and specific action steps might include going for a 10 minute walk, drinking a full 32 oz bottle of water, or taking a YouTube yoga class once a week.

One of our favs is yoga by Adriene and she is in ATX.Move – A 30 Day Yoga Journey | Yoga With Adriene

Exercise has been key for me to emotionally regulate and if your looking for some good music and excellent instructors look no further than RIDE…

Another way to accomplish your goals is to identify your very own superpowers that will support you along the way. Your special superpower is what comes easy to you and will help you find momentum. Your superpower might be commitment, bringing the fun, connection, listening, or resilience. So for example, if your goal is to feel strong and healthy and your superpower is bringing the fun your action might be joining a dancing your way into shape!

Of course, we all have our days when we want to say “fudge it” ( replace it with your favorite f word *wink wink*) so preparing for what you will do when you want to give up is helpful. Big goals can be hard work and it’s not always easy. Find an accountability buddy, journal your feelings, track your daily habits along the way, or light your vision candle (more on that below) to remember who you want to be when you want to throw in the towel on your goals.



Let’s get crafty with a DIY vision board on a plain white candle! Grab your sticker stash, magazines and paint pens to start manifesting your dreams and goals for the year ahead. Choose your “word of the year,” and let it shine bright on your candle. Every flicker of the flame will give life to your vision and intentions. (But don’t forget to blow it out before bed, we don’t need any fiery mishaps!) Let’s light up our dreams with a little bit of wax and a whole lot of magic!

If you need help reflecting on your year (the good and especially the bad), setting new goals and intentions, and identifying your super powers we’ve got therapists here at Austin Therapy for Girls here to help. Contact us here to learn more >

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