Weathering the Storm

We are all feeling so many “feels” right now due to our lives rapidly changing  and also feel overwhelmed with the “What If’s” we have flowing in and out of our thoughts.  After switching all our session this week to tele-therapy, ( thanks Theranest for HIPAA compliant tele-therapy) we have been trying to figure it all out while also taking care of our emotional state. On Monday I was playing “Let it Be” on repeat, I can’t think of a better song that represents the last week. We certainly don’t have everything figured out however I am reassured that we have an abundance of support to help us through our challenging times.
In order to weather this storm, I am suggesting a couple of things to my clients. First and foremost, one of my fav’s is the serenity prayer, no matter what you believe, we must remind ourselves that we have control over ourselves and our thoughts.  If your thoughts are one of worry and concern then first acknowledge that those feelings are valid and of course you are not alone in those feelings. Second, you can decide to think about what’s happening in the present moment, for instance, I have what I need at this moment, I am safe right now and I have the support I need to make it through this storm.
When I started Austin Therapy for Girls, I wanted to create a place for girls and young women (and those who identify as female) to come together and support each other.  We know these are challenging times so every therapist is lowering their rate as we do 45min. online sessions as well as providing donation only services.  If you are feeling anxious or want to support your daughter in any way, we are here for you.  Please sign up for our newsletter here so we can keep you updated with all that we are providing.

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