” Enough As She Is” by Rachel Simmons Book Review

Another best seller for Rachael Simmons, Rachael has done it again with her new book, “Enough As She Is” by taking the most pressing issues facing girls and young women and putting them in the cultural context that girls are living in today. This book helps the people understand why we are facing a mental health crisis with girls and what needs to be done to reverse the trend. Rachael has years of experience working with girls and young women and is the author of the National Best Seller, “Odd Girl Out,” This book is not only steeped in the most current research and evidence based practiced but weaves examples that support the research from the lives of girls and young women that she interviewed for the book.
Rachael is not afraid to ask the challenging questions, like what is the price of success for girls and is it worth the price they are paying? The book explores how girls are pushing themselves to be successful and many look really good on paper yet girls and young women are more depressed, have less confidence and in general are overwhelmed with life. Yes, girls are making excellent grades and are enrolled in college in record numbers but the tole it is taking on their bodies and emotional well being is unacceptable. In the current culture no matter how many awards they receive, how high their ACT and GPA are, how many activities they participate in, they feel they are not enough as they are.
In “Enough As She Is” she lays out the root causes of many of the issues facing girls today such as overthinking, self-criticism, social media, body image messages and the expectations that they must be the best at everything. In the book Rachael gives readers very specific strategies that they can use immediately to help girls and young women redefine what success is and how they can live a balanced life without sacrificing their mental health.
This is a must read for anyone who lives with girls, has girls in their family, works with girls or is just concerned about the welfare of girls and young women today.

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