Happy New Yearing!

Take a deep breath 2017 is almost over. No matter what has happened in 2017 for you, end of the year represents a time to reflect and do our best to make some goals for 2018. We all know that the reality of keeping those goals might lose its new year glow around February, nevertheless we all strive to do things better and mustard up some motivation to “getter done” (deep Texas accent required).
At Austin Therapy for Girls we do several activities to wind up 2017 and prepare for 2018.
One of our favorite creative activities is make “Vision Board Candles”. We take a blank white candle and cut out inspirational quotes, pictures and decorate them with paint pens or Sharpies.
Every time we light the candle, it’s a way to remind us of our dreams and goals. Just remember to blow it out before heading to bed, your room going up in flames is probably not making your goal list of 2018.
Also, we have created this awesome worksheet for those who want a quick and easy way to set some goals and let go of 2017.
Good Luck and Happy New Yearing! ( yes it’s a verb now)

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