Appy Friday

teen-dog-stockHappy Appy Friday!

ATFG has the top 5 Apps that could help improve your teens over all well being. It’s no surprise to hear that your teen is always on her smartphone. Every time you turn around she is either texting or on social media. Maybe you even get frustrated and want her to take a break from her phone. As great as that may sound if your teen is glued to her phone like most teens are have no fear Apps are here. Apps are no substitute for therapy or connection, here at ATFG we roll with the times and smartphones and Apps are here to stay, so might as well mediate, breathe, and give thanks all on an App!  Have a safe and appy 4th of July!

  1. Virtual Hope Box includes breathing and mediation guides as well as inspiration quotes  get it here!
  2. Optimism is a mood chart app that gives you strategies to help improve your mood get it here!
  3. Mindshift is a great app to help teens and young adults cope with their anxiety get it here! 
  4. Breath 2 Relax is a great stress management app to help you control your breathing get it here!
  5. 30 Days of Gratitude is journal calendar app where you can write your own gratitude statement and capture your own pictures to go with it get it here!


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