Top Summer Book Picks from Austin Therapy for Girls

Top Summer Book Picks from Austin Therapy for Girls

Austin Therapy for Girls has complied our top five reads for the summer! 


1.Express Yourself: A teen girl’s guide to speaking up and being who you are. 

This is a great resource for 8th-11th grade girls and one that they can read themselves. Emily Roberts, MA, LPC uses real life examples plus creativity and the metaphor about directing your own life.  Great book for your daughter to read this summer and share with you.  

austin.therapay.books2. Dial Down The Drama: A guide for mothers everywhere. 

Coleen O’Grady is all about taking care of mom’s and writes some awesome advise on dealing with the f-bomb. Not the f-bomb we all think of, the fear bomb.  She has a thriving practice in Houston and has a teenage daughter, lots of great examples and tools!

swim-therapy.austin3. Swimming Upstream: This book is AMAZING! Tons of helpful tips to parents of girls of all ages. 

This book is probably my favorite for 2015 for parents of teen girls. This is from the back cover and says it all, ” Choate draws upon years of research and counseling literature to teach parents how to instill the power of resilience in their daughters, including developing a positive body image, maintaining healthy relationships with friends and romantic partners, and navigating high-pressure academic environments”

4. Untbook.girls.therapayangled: Guiding teenage girls through the seven transitions into adulthood. 

Ever wonder why your teenage daughter is silent at the dinner table, but can’t stop texting her friends? Well you are not alone many parents feel like they don’t know what’s going on in their daughters life and want to become closer without scaring them away. This book describes the stages of transition teenage girls go through in order to become independent, strong, and confident women. 

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