Redefining Valentine’s Day: Let’s Focus on Loving Ourselves!

As most of you have probably gathered, my favorite color is pink. I’m always very excited when Valentine’s Day rolls around and I’m surrounded by the cheerful Valentine’s décor that is filled with hearts and pink colored items. I always feel very happy and loved around this time of year; however, this Valentine’s Day I have made the decision to celebrate a little differently and focus on a very important kind of love that we often forget about—love for ourselves. As a result, most of my groups this week have taken on a challenge to redefine Valentine’s Day. After all, we will never be capable of giving love to others if we do not love ourselves first.
We would like for you to take a moment and write yourself a Valentine listing the things that you love about yourself. You could also get creative and make yourself a card like the ones pictured above.  We, at Austin Therapy for Girls, would also like you to take a pledge. Pledge to yourself that you will talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend. Here are some examples of the positive messages that my group members came up with:

  • “I’m perfectly imperfect”
  • “I rock!”
  • “I am beautiful because of my imperfections”
  • “I’m rad!” (those of you from the 80s will love that 🙂 )
  • “It’s ok that I made a mistake. I’m ___________________ (smart, loyal, hardworking, kind, a good person, etc.)

We hope that you will be kind to yourself and have a Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love!

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