This is our motto and here is what it means:

Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the key to healing at any age, however, during the elementary school years we find that many struggle with belonging and finding close friends. Also, at age 9 we see girls’ self-esteem plummet and we want to prevent that drop.

Therapy for Girls

Be Yourself

Middle and high school can be the most challenging years in teen/tweens life as they are all about learning who they are. At ATFG, authenticity is the key to developing the skills to survive middle and high school. It’s important to let go of the mask we all sometimes wear to truly connect and thrive.

Therapy for Teens

Find Yourself

Moving towards adulthood (adulting) can also be an important transition in life. Learning how to be independent without losing who you are while navigating college, first job or relationships in general can feel overwhelming.

Therapy for Young Adults