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Emotion-Focused Family Therapy Training

September 26th and 27th

Austin, Texas, USA

Facilitated by Dr. Adèle Lafrance C.Psych
Co-sponsor Austin/Houston Therapy for Girls, ERC: Eating Recovery Center

*Continuation Education Credits Included*
This training is EFFT certification-approved

The essence of EFFT is to increase the positive role of caregivers in their child’s recovery, regardless of their age, level of motivation or involvement in formal treatment themselves. The clinician’s role is to support parents and caregivers to increase their involvement in specific ways – including recovery coaching, emotion coaching and relationship repair. The model also involves a module for clinicians to support caregivers to identify, understand, and transform “emotion blocks” that lead to therapy-interfering attitudes or behaviors.

This final component is critical since throughout the course of treatment, some well-intentioned caregivers can struggle to support their loved one’s treatment. They may even engage in behaviors that enable their loved one’s symptoms, creating challenges for the most experienced clinicians. For this reason, the EFFT model includes a module for clinician and team challenges as well. For more information on EFFT, click here.

Background/experience in family therapy is not necessary.

This is an excellent learning opportunity for medical professionals, psychologists, social workers, nurses, educators and others who interact with individuals, parents and/or families.

This training includes experiential components and participants will learn techniques that can be integrated into existing treatment models for those those who do not respond to standard care.

Dates:September 26th and 27th
Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Thursday/Friday

Training Venue: TBD
Directions & Accommodations: TBD
Registration Fee: $450 USD/person

Registration for EFFT Training

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