Samantha Davila

Samantha Davila, LCSW is a full-time therapist at Austin Therapy for Girls. Samantha received her Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice from The University of Tampa. She has always been interested in assisting others and contributing to her local community. Samantha worked with organizations focusing on issues such as, human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, and drunk driving. She then moved to New Orleans to complete her Master’s in Social Work at Tulane University. While living in Louisiana, she worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital and volunteered at an inpatient hospice facility. Since graduating in 2018, she has worked in an intensive in-home program and outpatient clinic.

Samantha likes to say, “the goal of therapy is to not need it anymore”. She is goal-oriented and will work with her clients to see progress in their treatment. She works with clients to see their strengths and utilize them in their lives. Samantha’s focus is building a relationship with her clients and gaining a full understanding of the person rather than “fixing an issue”. She will work with her clients to be heard and process their emotions in a safe space. She will be her clients’ cheerleader and encourage them to empower themselves.
Samantha grew up in a small town in Connecticut and is the middle child of five. She can understand the ups and downs of having siblings and a big family. Samantha is a new resident of Austin and is looking forward to learning more about the city.  In Samantha’s free time, she enjoys playing piano, watching crime documentaries, and taking walks by the water.

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