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Calm Girl Summer

Thursday July 7, 4-6pm // Ages 13-19

Hosted by: Shayna Barksdale

In this workshop we will be using watercolors to get in touch with emotions and feelings. Learning to calm your brain is one of the most important tools you can develop to benefit both your mental and physical health. Get ready to use creativity to learn some fun calm down skills.

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Puberty – what to expect, reality vs. myths?

Thursday, July 14, 4-6pm // Ages 8-13

Hosted by: Sam and Sarah

Puberty can be a confusing, frustrating, and scary time if you don’t have the right information, but this workshop is designed to empower young girls to celebrate their bodies and embrace the changes. Sam and Sarah are going to answer your puberty questions and give you the facts on what to expect on your puberty journey! Participants and their caregiver are encouraged to attend and engage in an interactive and dynamic discussion on puberty.

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Vision Board for Future You

Thursday, July 21, 4-6pm // Ages 13-19

Hosted by: Shayna Barksdale

In this workshop we will be busting out magazines, scissors, and glue sticks to vision out who we want to be through the summer and into the next school year. Set your intention for the new school year with this creative technique and then create some habits that correspond with what you want in the future. The future is female! Make this year count.

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Glow Flow – mind body and spirit

Thursday, July 28, 4-6pm // Ages 13-19

Hosted by: Sam

In this workshop we will be exploring the mind / body connection with breathing exercises, easy movement, and group work. This is for anyone who has an interest in yoga and mindfulness, but doesn’t know where to start. We think we need to be “flexible” or “fit” to practice yoga, however it is for everyone! Come join us to learn how it can be an asset in your life. We’ll have some colorful body paint, energizing music, fun conversations, and of course, yoga practice.

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