Finding Your Happy Place

Can’t believe it’s 2019, for me time seems to be speeding up every year.
As we are all reflecting on last year and maybe setting some goals or choosing a word to inspire us for 2019, I am realizing the importance of finding my happy place. Of course, I have found several over the years and depending on my mood/circumstance my happy place can change and evolve. For 2019, as with 2018, one of my favorite happy places is Ride Indoor Cycling, when I was thinking of writing this blog, I also thought about the title as being “My Ode to Caprice”.  When all of my friends were chatting about RIDE and Caprice, I thought I need to check it out.  Caprice makes everyone feel important regardless if your part of the RideTribe/regulator (yes, we have names) or it’s your first time.  The fact that she also has great taste in music, Madonna is a frequent guest in her playlist, makes her cycotherapy even better. I know many feel she is speaking to them directly when she gives her motivational speech. Some mornings, I really don’t want to spin and the snooze button seems to know me well, what I know is I always leave feeling great and that happy feeling carries me through the day.  The research supports my experience about finding your happy place. Christopher Peterson, a well-regarded researcher in the field of Positive Psychology, states that finding a happy place, not only changes our brain chemistry while we are there, the feeling will extend way past the actual joyous event. One other take away from positive psychology is the premise that” what is good in life is as genuine as what is bad”. That’s why just taking a moment in your day to focus on the good is a great way to start the New Year.  Finding your 2019 happy place is amazing when it involves doing some physical and outside. My friend Jenny stated that the Lady Bird Lake Trail is her happy place because whether she is with a friend or training for a race, her mood just “changes” after her walk/run on the trail. Brook, our amazing admin, finds his happy place surfing. His true happy place is surfing in Hawaii, of course a trip to Hawaii takes planning and prep so he has found the surf park in Austin as a great substitute, he has been a regular since it opened.
Here’s to finding your happy place in 2019! #rideindoorcycling#inlandsurfpark
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