Back to School Survival Guide for Middle School Girls (and parents too)

Today we had the opportunity to present at the first day of classes for a local high school, when I hit snooze for the second time, I realized it’s back to school time. We are hoping that some of the following tips will make the transition to back to school a bit easier. Whether you or your daughter is excited, nervous, resentful or all of the above we know that it take a whole lot of courage to show up for the first day!
1) A don’t need to tell you how important preparation is for the first day of school. Here’s a few things I did last night to prepare for my first day today. Went to bed early, yes I had to turn off my Netflix and actually go to bed….( and of course I only had one episode left on my show). I specifically pick a song to wake up to that inspired me and made me smile; Ain’t NO Mountain High Enough, by Dianna Ross made me leap to push the snooze.
Prepare as much as you can, pick out your outfit, pack your lunch, the night before… if it’s your first day at a new school you can also download a map and bell schedule to get familiar with the campus.
2) Be ok with the following: getting lost, being tardy ( for the first week), not knowing who to sit with at lunch, not remembering your locker combo, not finding where your locker is…. Gong to middle school is a new adventure and of course it’s ok to feel nervous. Asking for help is the key to surviving the first day if not the whole year.
3) Create an actual survival kit: Figure out what you might need, click on the picture below, and watch our favorite youtube video about tips for middle school. Have someone going to High School, check out our Houston blog for high school girls!

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